You and Me Music Video

This dance and music video is about a couple who fall in love and marry.

Other Services

Location Scouting


We provide the best music video production in Los Angeles.  You will get the best shoot locations for you to bring your video to life. We will also handle all of the insurance and permits.



We do all of the casting, so that you can find the right people to do the right roles. Talent from all over the country flock to participate music videos in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara.

Shooting/ Editing


We customize each job to provide you with  the right amount of equipment in order to give you the best video possible. We also offer in-house editing after each project.

Music Videos Production In Los

In this video, a hungover young man doesn't want to go to work, so he calls in drunk - with a little humor.

Chef Sean Blaze

Rap artist Chef Shean Blaze Stash in the Hoppie