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You name it, we will shoot it (except your mother in-law!). But everything else is okay!  

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Don't let our name fool you. At Poop Alot Production, we take our business very seriously. We provide professional video services, with high quality production at a reasonable rate.

Let us help you tell your story in the most exciting way possible.

 We know how to use humor, laughter and  drama to get your point across, while pulling at the heart strings to get your clients to do more business with you. " A picture is worth a thousands words".  Can you imagine how many words a great video can be worth?  Billions?

We know video production.

We can develop, cast, shoot, edit, and distribute your project.  You get lights, cameras, and a whole lot of great action to bring your idea to life in the form of a great story told through  a great video. What are you waiting  for?  Give us a call at 323-252-4158, or drop us an email: cjsproducer@yahoo.com

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